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All-in-One Platform

Improve care, operate efficiently, and grow your agencies with PeopleCare


Care Management

Peoplecare automates every stage of the care process, from eligibility and intake through evaluations and claim adjudication and processing, allowing for more complete care management. Each operating agency may design the system to support its own unique procedure with our enterprise solution.


Electronic Visit Verification

PeopleCare's Electronic Visit Verification module ensures you meet the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act. Our EVV tools allow you to collect data at the point-of-service itself ensuring all six federally required data elements are provided including, type, date, staff, individual, location, and begin and end time of the service.



Our software allows you to create workflows that transmit documents from the provider to the clinical reviewer to the billing department automatically. Claims that are ready to be billed are queued for you to manage according to your IDD payer guidelines.

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Provider Management

PeopleCare allows you to manage your provider network. Automate provider applications, validate credentialing and re-certification needs, handle referrals more efficiently, and maintain excellent performance by automating provider applications. Pre-adjudicated claims and speedier refunds will improve provider satisfaction.


Service Documentation

For Behavioral health and IDD providers, PeopleCare makes service documentation straightforward. Your providers may see both long-term and short-term objectives on a single screen and record any needed prompts and successes using simple selection boxes. Electronic signatures fulfil payer compliance rules, and service codes populate automatically.


Covid-19 tracker

Peoplecare includes Covid-19 tracking module for each individuals to track and assess the complete details of affected persons and follow the guidelines ensuring safety for everyone


Staff Scheduling

Staff and customers may easily arrange recurring shifts and appointments using PeopleCare's robust, integrated scheduling tool. For easier rescheduling, search and display numerous providers' schedules on a single screen, and monitor service authorisation availability directly in the scheduler.

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Streamlined reimbursment
Through our electronic data interface (EDI) technology, PeopleCare interacts directly with your state Medicaid provider, utilising secure, compliant 837 and 835 standards. This shortens the time it takes to get reimbursed.

Maximize Funding Usage
PeopleCare's solutions are updated on a regular basis to match legislative regulations and incorporate embedded industry best practises, ensuring that you can make the most of available financing sources while also balancing quality and cost.

Integrated Partner Ecosystem
Have your agency stand out by utilising one of the largest partner integration network. Clients may choose to use partner connections to power every area of their operation, including caregiver recruiting and training, payment processing, and electronic claims, among other things.

Tailored Onboarding & Support
PeopleCare has converted over 100s of personal care agencies from previous systems, including a few of the ten largest corporations, using a tailored strategy. Our procedures ensure that your agency is rapidly onboarded and functioning.

  • Delivered in more than 450,000 client’s interactions
  • Provided by experts to help challenge critical activities
  • Complemented with peer perspectives and advice

Ensuring high availability & security of your data

HIPAA Compliant

Role-based security provides HIPAA Minimum Necessary Standards compliance.


The documentation status for each appointment is visible in PeopleCare's behavioural health and IDD solution. Open sessions with incomplete documentation are flagged for immediate attention. Furthermore, the system decrements authorizations depending on booked appointments and alerts you when you need to reauthorize.

With PeopleCare Software, you can help elderly and individuals with disabilities live more independent and fulfilling lives.

Customer Testimonials

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(Formerly Bethesda Lutheren Community)
"We've been able to collect useful information regarding our caregiver and customer acquisition processes thanks to PeopleCare. The reporting and analytics have provided us with a lot of visibility into certain possibilities and hazards that we would not have known about otherwise."