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A whole suite of modules to revolutionize the way you provide care giving and grow your services

PeopleCare delivers the full electronic documentation system you need to be more productive, optimise compensation, and provide the best care possible for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) when you provide community assistance or residential care.

Billing Solutions

Integrated Solutions for creating seamless billing workflows at ease.

PeopleCare billing solution was created with revenue cycle management in consideration. All of the players in the I/DD service cycle, such as service providers, family members, agencies, counties, and states, can use the billing module.

  • Generate billing units from Attendance, service data & direct input
  • Billing report generation for statistical analysis, utilization & accounting uploads
  • ¬†Automated notification of low balance and expiration dates

Audit & Compliace

Measurable & Manageable Quality Assurance, Compliance and Auditing solution

You may configure Peoplecare to help you comply with state-level requirements and accreditations, as well as measure the success of individual centres or organisations. You may speed up the review, compliance, and auditing of documents by using the following methods.

  • Demographics, Incident Reports, Data-Driven Outcomes, Billing, and more are all covered in the analytics dashboards.
  • It is possible to analyse results at the individual, programme, and provider levels.
  • Managers, administrators, and third-party reviewers have real-time access to the system.
  • Billing data may be easily computed and evaluated from service documentation.
  • All activity, including date/time stamps and electronic signatures, is audited with historical tracking.

Individual Management

Support Plans & Outcome Tracking

Peoplecare Individual Care Plans and Goal Tracking Module enable provider agencies to plan, coordinate, and administer services for each individual in a HIPAA-compliant way. Individual Care module facilitates,

  • Documenting the planning process for Individual based services.
  • Using scoring methods, set goals, objectives, and assessments.
  • Keep track of your work and produce reports for analysis and evaluation.

Case Management

Unified access & data management to sort and view relevant recorded information of individuals

Care managers may examine information recorded for the persons they assist across different provider agencies using the Peoplecare Case Management System, and they can also document on individuals they serve within their own agency. Service plans, customised case notes, incident reports, prescription administrations, and a variety of other health information are available to care managers. Among the functions are:

  • Individual Intake & Eligibility
  • Referral tracking
  • Support plan for case management
  • Case Note, Level of Care, and More

Electronic Health Records

Record, track and analyse health records and streamline care management

The Health Tracking module in Peoplecare allows you to keep track of many sorts of health data and provide detailed monthly reports. Appointments, blood glucose, height/weight, vital signs, medication history, vaccination, and other medical features may all be recorded and followed up on in a flexible fashion.

  • Make appointments with physicians, therapists, pathologists, and others and keep track of them.
  • Keep track of testing results, immunizations, and skin health.
  • Create a detailed monthly health-care report.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Our solutions include the six data pieces that are required by the federal government.

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module and tools from Peoplecare allow you to collect data at the point of service to assure correctness and compliance. Staff can utilise the EVV billing capability, which is connected with the billing module, to process approved service hours captured from check-in and check-out timings. Claims can be submitted using the billing data supplied by EVV.

'Type of service provided

  • Individual receiving the service
  • The service's date
    The service's delivery location
  • Employees that provide the service
  • Service start and end times

Task, Goals & Outcome Tracking

Stream-line every step with data-driven real-time tracking

In addition to goal/outcome monitoring at the person and provider level, Peoplecare includes customisable processes to gather needed information for compliance. The solution improves the workflow for planning and recording the assistance that an individual need. The system aids in the 

  • Documentation of Goals and Outcomes, as well as Service Notes
  • Individual priorities, such as personal preferences, hobbies, and objectives, are tracked.
  • Options for Flexible Reporting
  • Keep track of how far you've gotten on your action plans' goals.
  • Analytic Dashboards for Data-Driven Outcomes and Goal Acquisition

Waiver Slot Management

Efficiently managed waiver slots at ease

To guarantee that all waiver slots are successfully managed, collaborate from anywhere in a dynamic real-time environment. Peoplecare may be applied to a variety of situations like,

  • Check if an individual is eligible for Medicaid and its status.
  • State-specific rules based prioritisation of waiver placements.
  • Make it easier for individuals to transfer waivers.
  • Data from the waiting list can be used to track the services that are required.
  • Customizable reporting allows you to trend and analyse data.

Location & Interoperability

Streamline your care agencies operations in multiple locations

Manage multiple centers and agencies in a centralized manner, by tracking all the amenities, services offered, near by services and managing shared contacts and providers. The system provides the option to create surveys on locations so that care givers or individuals can take part in the survey and create snap-shots of requirements to be added or amenities to be included.

  • Based on surveys, create location specific action-tickets to resolve the requirements in a timely manner and track the outcome.
  • The location module also helps to keep track of the covid-19 infections and history of interactions with primary and secondary contacts.

Incident Report & Tracking

Configurable workflow to manage critical incidents

The incident or event reporting function in Peoplecare is a complete tool for reporting incidents and responses in a safe and compliant manner. The system assists organisations in complying with assurances required for obtaining funding, as well as improving the health and well-being of those served. It also helps agencies prioritise occurrences using high, medium, and low labels for effective follow-up. The system has the ability to,

  • Multiple events can be recorded in a single report.
  • Information about injuries in detail
    Approval, review, and follow-up counts.
  • Document and track abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
    Comply with all applicable state regulations.